New Paddler Information

Where to Meet


You will be able to find our team under the flagpoles in front of Three Degrees Restaurant on the South end of Tom McCall Waterfront Park on the West shore of the Willamette River
You will want to ask for Paddles of Fury as there are many other teams also gathering in the same general area


What to Expect


  • For you first practice, please arrive 30 minutes prior to practice time at the flagpoles by three degrees restaurant, the south end of waterfront park
  • After your first practice, plan to meet 15 minutes prior to practice time for warm ups
  • You will receive great instruction on the stroke before and during practice, as well as the basics of paddling and tips to keep in mind throughout practice!
  • You will have experienced paddlers either in front, behind, or next to you, just try to follow them as much as possible! Do not worry about how much power you have in your stroke, just focus on your timing!
  • Don’t worry about splashing; it is a water sport after all!
  • Practice will last about an hour, two on Sunday. Please don’t be intimidated with the two hours on Sunday, we return to the dock after an hour to drop off and pick up paddlers. However, if you can stay for two hours, it helps build endurance.
  • Halfway through practice we switch sides to build muscles symmetrically. There will also be rest periods to get water while getting instruction.
  • Don’t worry if you get tired and need to rest during some of the long paddling periods. When you are new, it is ok; it will take some time to build muscle and endurance. Try your best, but please don’t hurt yourself!
  • After practice, everyone meets back up at the flags for announcements


What to Wear


  • Water resistant clothing
  • Anything but cotton!
  • Try to choose wicking, breathable, or gore-tex. Expect to get wet, after all you are paddling in the water!
  • If it cold, try to layer, you will generate heat.
  • For your feet, expect to get wet, old sneakers or sandals work well.


What to Bring


  • WATER!!!
  • There will be a dry bag to put keys, wallets, jackets, and anything else


What you do NOT need


  • A PFD or Paddle, we have some available for use at the dock
  • Full stomach! Eat light, you will be rotating a lot from your core and a full stomach makes it harder
  • Experience


Where to Park


  • There is a metered lot off Naito pkwy, heading south, take a left just past the intersection at SW Market St
  • Free parking is available on the street on the east side of the Hawthorne Bridge. It is a 10 min walk from there.