Outrigger Canoe Practice

Contact us at http://www.wasabiusa.org/contact_us/contact_info for our new practice schedule:

We love the water and use the time to perfect our stroke in a more relaxed environment than the weekly dragon boat practices which can be intense.

Paddles are provided and although bringing your own life jacket is convenient it's not necessary as one will be provided for you. So, all you need to bring is a bottle of water and a strong desire to perfect your stroke. During winter practices it's helpful to wear moisture wicking under layers, a vented rain jacket and neoprene gloves.

Paddling an outrigger can be viewed as either pulling the water with the paddle by twisting your torso and using your core muscles or planting the blade in the water and pulling yourself to it. This emphasis on reach and rotation will allow you to really improve your form.

This difference in paddling style also allows us to train slightly different muscle groups with more focus on technique which in turn will help prevent injuries.